• -Ageless Beauty, Timeless Freshness-

    A single plate can inspire a smile. A single plate can begin a conversation.
    Ceramic ware is an essential part of our lives. How spiritually fulfilling our days become,
    when enriched with superb ceramic ware - ceramic pieces that increase their charm with use,
    enabling us to empathize with the thoughts of the artists who created them.
    Japan has developed a world-renowned culture of ceramic ware in Arita, home of porcelain,
    whose kilns have been alight for almost 400 years. The designs of Arita porcelain,
    while firmly rooted in tradition, have continued to evolve, gaining the flexibility to
    perfectly complement contemporary lifestyles.
    The secret of Arita porcelain’s enduring appeal is the genuine beauty the works embody,
    beauty unaffected by changing times. Here at Shobido, discover ceramic works of supreme value
    and timeless beauty. Like its kilns, Arita's passion burns on at the core of our products,
    which continue to celebrate the open appreciation of beauty.
  • Arita Ware (Imari Ware): Porcelains Embodying Traditional Japanese Aesthetic Sense

    Arita ware, also known as Imari ware, was the first porcelain developed in Japan.
    These ceramics feature a pure white base and wide variety of painting techniques,
    ranging from sometsuke (elegant painting in diverse shades of blue) to iroe
    (sumptuous designs in multiple colors, particularly red). During the 17th century,
    the Dutch East India Company exported porcelains produced in Arita to Europe from
    the Port of Imari. Hence the name Imari ware. Fascinating European royalty and aristocracy,
    Imari ware significantly influenced European ceramic arts. Even today,
    designs used in the 17th century, now called ko-Imari yoshiki (old Imari style),
    continue to enjoy high acclaim from ceramic lovers worldwide.